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Email marketing training workshop

On September 22, November 26, January 31 2011 I'm giving a 1-day workshop in Brighton for email marketing. This workshop will cover the basics as outlined below, with a second, related day to be ... Read it →

Introducing the Email Design Gallery

It's been a busy 5 months since going full-time freelance, and there's a lot of news coming soon, including a new website, new client announcements and much more. In the meantime ... Read it →

October’s Top 10 most popular articles

After a busy month in October, here are the top 10 most popular articles from   My new LifeStream on SweetCron If you haven’t yet noticed, there’s a new n... Read it →

Time to upgrade your Marketing, DMA

Last week I returned from the DMA show in Las Vegas (been busy!), which I attended on request from my boss as an opportunity to learn/adapt new technologies and ... Read it →

14 Email Marketing Design resources

Like it or not, HTML email marketing campaigns are a core requirement for any successful email marketing program. Not only do they offer the first rule for successful online marketing – me... Read it →

Design the Perfect Email: Useful Links

Some useful resources and links for helping you in your quest to design the perfect email (and more importantly keep designing the perfect email). Other Useful Resources & Links: Email ... Read it →

Design the Perfect Email: Bonus Tips

Some quick bonus tips on designing the perfect email. ALWAYS TEST on every major email client and web browser (for online versions) for links, copy, spelling, design, personalization, and SPAM ... Read it →

Design the Perfect Email: Nice-to-Haves

The final step in the 10 step series, this quick tip addresses some 'good ideas' for your email campaign. Other nice-to-haves: Use an ‘Add this email address to your safe senders li... Read it →

Email Standards Project

It seems that the guys at Australia-based Campaigner Monitor are officially carrying the torch for email marketing design and implementation. I for one couldn’t be happier, and think they ar... Read it →

Email Marketing Templates

Free Email Marketing templates available now. Visit to preview and download 10 different hand-coded HTML email templates, designed to ensure maximum compatibility with most ... Read it →

Email Marketing still won’t die.

This is likely old news by now, but newsworthy nonetheless. As reported by a recent Forrester Research study, a very healthy 97% of consumers now use email, and 94% of marketers are ... Read it →

Outlook 2007, Part II

As a daily email marketer who frequently designs, programs and sends email marketing campaigns, Outlook 2007’s apparent step in the wrong direction had me pretty up in arms for many re... Read it →

UK-based email marketers, take note

If you're an email marketer based in the UK, take note. As of January 1st, all UK-based email marketers are required to comply with new legislation that insists every company ... Read it →

Hey... we all screw up - Part 2

So, here's what happened: Email intended for 5 contacts instead sent to entire db of 50,000 contacts. Backlash was instant, and situation escalated. Customers and recipients irate, action stations taken to minimize ... Read it →

Hey... we all screw up - Part 1

Last week was hell. At my work I'm responsible for the design, implementation, testing and sending of all email marketing communications sent to customers and prospects. Although the average size ... Read it →

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