Quality English Presentation: The demise of the desktop

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In early November, Quality English were kind enough to Eurostar me down to Paris to present to their member schools on digital marketing.

The presentation, entitled 'The demise of the desktop: Digital marketing and the mobile web' is now hosted on Slideshare, as well as embedded below.

Here's the write up for the presentation:

"In today's digital economy, international students are finding and interacting with your information in a multitude of ways... and perhaps most importantly via a wide array of devices. Evolving from the desktop to the mobile and/or tablet device represents a fundamental shift in how users are interacting with your websites and digital marketing campaigns.

This presentation will explore the wide variety of ways in which you can tap into this mobile movement by examining new and existing digital marketing channels as well as design best practices and guidelines. From basic SEM and email marketing channels to responsive design and online/offline integration, this presentation will leave you with fresh, new marketing ideas to consider and renewed confidence when moving into the mobile space.

Jon Aizlewood runs a boutique digital marketing & design studio in Brighton, serving clients from around the world with a specialised set of skills including design & build, marketing strategy & consultation. Armed with almost 10 years’ of web marketing experience, Jon’s last full-time position was at Study Group, where he managed the multichannel & multilingual e-marketing programmes for all brands - including Embassy CES -across 3 operating divisions, 13 languages and 140 countries. Visit Jon’s website for more details: http://carbongraffiti.com"

And here's the slide deck:

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