Design the Perfect Email: The From Field & Reply-to

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Part 2 and 3 of this 10 part series, the From Field. Although few, these steps are crucial.

The From Field:

  • Make your from address instantly recognizable
  • Always personalize your from address, instead of default randomly-generated from addresses
  • Ask the recipient to white list your from address to ensure maximum results on future sends
  • Try to have both reply-to and from address the same email; offers consistency to the user

The Reply-to Address:

  • Always use a real reply-to address, vs. a ‘noreply’. Some recipients prefer to reply directly to emails using the function from their email client. Potential leads are lost by using a ‘noreply’ address.
  • Manually go through the replies after each send. Tedious but useful for the leads who habitually reply to emails from within their email client.

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