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SEO. Am I taking crazy pills?

I'm currently attending the Brighton SEO conference at the Corn Exchange. Huge turnout, and clearly this industry continues to thrive. But, I'll admit it. Over the years my view on ... Read it →

What’s CarbonGraffiti been up to?

It’s been a crazy start to 2011. In fact, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. Here are some noteworthy the projects we’ve been working on, with serv... Read it →

Confidence is key

I love football (and Arsenal specifically, if you must know). The business side of it fascinates me (check out my post regarding the MCFC site redesign) and I’ve always be... Read it →

Reactive vs proactive states

We're conditioned to be reactive in life. If it's too sunny outside, we wear a hat. If it's too cold, we wrap up. As freelancers or small businesses, much of ... Read it →

Email marketing training workshop

On September 22, November 26, January 31 2011 I'm giving a 1-day workshop in Brighton for email marketing. This workshop will cover the basics as outlined below, with a second, related day to be ... Read it →

New site, new offering

Well, it's been a long time coming, but CarbonGraffiti has finally been picked up, dusted off, reconfigured, rethought, rebranded, rewritten and repolished within an inch of its life. Not bad. ... Read it →

Introducing the Email Design Gallery

It's been a busy 5 months since going full-time freelance, and there's a lot of news coming soon, including a new website, new client announcements and much more. In the meantime ... Read it →

The monetization of Wordpress

Wordpress, for those four in the back row who don't know, is the highly popular open-source blogging platform thankfully made by this guy. Fast forward a couple years, and Wordpress ... Read it →

87 Cool Things

As I recently commented on Twitter, the Google Creative lab crew recently posted a shared slideshow showcasing 87 cool things that, from their perspective, was stuff 'worth knowing about'. In a ... Read it →

Argos, you could do it so much better

Argos. Clearly doing well as the UK's most popular 'catalogue showroom retailing' store in the UK. More than 700 stores, 130m customers and £4.3b in sales in 2008 isn't bad. They also t... Read it →

I got wrapped!

Walked in at 8:30 am to find my desk as one massive present. This is the stuff of legend and lore. Read it →

Can LinkedIn replace the paper CV?

The Curriculum Vitae. That all-important sheet or more of paper that represents your first ever point of contact with a potential employer. Your CV is an extension of your professional ... Read it →

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