CarbonGraffiti designs & builds Brighton Digital Festival website

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Things have been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of posts. However, one piece of news worth sharing: CarbonGraffiti was selected to design and build the website for the inaugural Brighton Digital Festival, taking place across the month of September 2011.

When I first came to Brighton in 2007, I couldn't believe my luck. This city is a teeming, thriving technopolis of digital greatness. In fact it boasts the largest digital workforce in the UK, if not Europe. Go figure.

But all along, from working full-time and dabbling in freelance (which is, incidentally, when I was nominated for Freelancer of the year ) to going freelance full-time, the best part about Brighton has always been its digital culture. Second to none, Brighton's digerati has always been helpful, kind, considerate, and of course massively talented.

So, when Andy Budd of the esteemed Clearleft crew asked me to take a crack at the upcoming BDF site, I couldn't resist. Giving something - anything - back to the community was the least I could do.

Working with a great team including Aral Balkan (@aral) for site direction, Leif Kendall (@leifkendall) for copywriting and Honor (@honorharger) from Lighthouse for everything else, the site came along surprisingly quickly. With great feedback from the team (not least from Aral), the site is a responsively-designed index of all events, exhibitions, meet-ups and conferences happenings in September, sorted chronologically and tagged by event type.

The site is (of course) built on Wordpress, and (of course) responsive, allowing for easy reading across any device. Keep your eyes peeled for the slow-morphing JS background.

So, if you happen to be heading to Brighton in September for any of the large conferences (dConstruct, Update, FOTB, etc), or just happen to be down here anyways, I highly recommend you check out the BDF site and the myriad of events available in September. Chances are something will tickle your (digital) fancy.

Let's work together. For fractional leadership queries, drop me a line.