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Strava made me do it

It's not often - for me anyway - to be quite so fundamentally affected by an app as I have been with Strava. Whereas the majority of apps available today ... Read it →

Laying out a test post

This is first of type. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur a ante vel velit laoreet luctus. Curabitur sollicitudin lectus ultrices libero feugiat ullamcorper. Phasellus eu arcu ... Read it →


Better late than never, right? In retrospect, my 2012 was pretty huge, both professionally and personally. On new additions In the early summer we welcomed another Aizlewood into the world - ... Read it →

Reactive vs proactive states

We're conditioned to be reactive in life. If it's too sunny outside, we wear a hat. If it's too cold, we wrap up. As freelancers or small businesses, much of ... Read it →

87 Cool Things

As I recently commented on Twitter, the Google Creative lab crew recently posted a shared slideshow showcasing 87 cool things that, from their perspective, was stuff 'worth knowing about'. In a ... Read it →

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