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The year that was

What a year. This time last year a friend of ours passed away suddenly, leaving a wife and two young boys without a father. It put things into sharp perspective. ... Read it →

What’s CarbonGraffiti been up to?

It’s been a crazy start to 2011. In fact, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. Here are some noteworthy the projects we’ve been working on, with serv... Read it →

Email marketing training workshop

On September 22, November 26, January 31 2011 I'm giving a 1-day workshop in Brighton for email marketing. This workshop will cover the basics as outlined below, with a second, related day to be ... Read it →

New site, new offering

Well, it's been a long time coming, but CarbonGraffiti has finally been picked up, dusted off, reconfigured, rethought, rebranded, rewritten and repolished within an inch of its life. Not bad. ... Read it →

Introducing the Email Design Gallery

It's been a busy 5 months since going full-time freelance, and there's a lot of news coming soon, including a new website, new client announcements and much more. In the meantime ... Read it →

Can LinkedIn replace the paper CV?

The Curriculum Vitae. That all-important sheet or more of paper that represents your first ever point of contact with a potential employer. Your CV is an extension of your professional ... Read it →

Time to upgrade your Marketing, DMA

Last week I returned from the DMA show in Las Vegas (been busy!), which I attended on request from my boss as an opportunity to learn/adapt new technologies and ... Read it →

My new LifeStream on SweetCron

If you haven't yet noticed, there's a new nav item at the top bottom of this page, entitled 'LifeStream | Me, Online'. This LifeStream basically aggregates my various activities and actions ... Read it →

Growing Pains

Wordpress have just released their 2.5 version, which is an all-rounder of an upgrade - new interface design, new functionalities, new everything.  But unfortunately it also means that there are some s... Read it →

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