Weeknotes #4


So tardy with this week. Better late than never I suppose.

I also think I have a relatively good reason, getting home late on Sunday night meant there was no time to write these. Why so late you ask? Oh, you know, my wife was just busy running the London marathon. You know, as you do.

It was Kenz's second marathon, and LDN to me seems like one of those 'on the bucket list' type of thing. The fact she entered the ballot and got in first try made it all the better.

As she was running, I was traipsing around London with the kids, and being constantly reminded of how much I love London, and how fortunate we are to live so close. We keep telling the kids that one of the most important cities in the world is only a 45 minute train ride away. When you're in the city you're reminded of how much vibrancy it has. It has a unquantifiable energy and buzz about it, and that was cranked up to 11 on Sunday as all 41,000 runners rolled through it. You know it's a good thing when supporting it or running it are both incredible experiences!


Otherwise nothing much else of note. I can hardly remember last week (these weeknotes are unedited and a pure stream of thought) except that I saw Avengers: Endgame on Friday. I missed the comic book nerdery boat as a kid, so I feel like I'm making up for lost time with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. I absolutely love it, and Endgame delivered on what was an incredible 10 year storyline. It's not often that a film that's as hyped up as Endgame was actually lives up to the hype, but this one absolutely did. If you've not seen it yet, do it.

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