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Cotic BFe - SOLD 💸

Sadly my least-used bike, I built this up from various parts a few years ago and think it deserves more. Cotics seem to have a mild cult following, given their ... Read it →

Genesis Rapide RC Disc 3

Turns out the Rapide sub-brand from Genesis/Madison bikes was short-lived; it's no longer around, with all social media and website presence gone in the blink of any eye. Shame, ... Read it →

Trek Superfly 8

I bought this bike second-hand back in 2018 as a replacement for my old and ageing Trek Paragon. As a 29er with a solid spec and excellent SID forks, the Superfly ... Read it →

Ribble CGR AL

I bought this bike in late 2018 and it's been my go-to ever since. Gravel bikes are like swiss army knives — one bike, many uses — and the CGR AL doesn't disappoint. Toug... Read it →

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