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Help your team leave

As an agency leader, founder, manager or anyone who hires: employee loyalty is your ideal. Created in Dall-E Say it with me: no one on your team will be there ... Read it →

Writing effective agency case studies

It’s harder than it looks, and why film posters are a good start Β© First, what are case studies for? It’s important to agree on wh... Read it →

Agency learnings: All the P’s

Any lack of updates is directly proportional to how busy life is at the moment. Everything is dialled up to 11, both at work and home. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Note: It feels incredibly futile and pr... Read it →

Leaving Clearleft (again)

9 years. Or 3,287 days. Or 78,894 hours. Almost a decade spent with one company in Brighton. I went from a fresh, wide-eyed and hungry, ambitious designer to a board member and design ... Read it →

The discovery paradox

Meet Sophie. A business leader at a large organisation, Sophie oversees multiple products. She works with both her in-house product and design teams, as well as external partners. One of ... Read it →

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