Now an official (featured) MailChimp Expert

CarbonGraffiti is proud to be among a growing group of service providers listed on the all-new MailChimp Experts Directory. Now over 4 weeks old, the Directory is filling up fast, and looks to be the go-to place for thousands of MailChimp customers requiring services ranging from custom email design to API and ecommerce integration. Update: CarbonGraffiti is now an official, featured MailChimp expert. That means people like us, and MailChimp agree.

You can find CarbonGraffiti on the MailChimp Experts Directory filed under Email Design, Consultation, Training and Campaign Management.

Also worth mentioning

Using some good old-fashioned htaccess trickery mixed with this site's new grid layout, I created a new landing page targeting users arriving specifically from the Experts directory. By tailoring a page specific to their expectations and needs, users get a better experience without being burdened with having to manually find what they're looking for.

For some added flavour I cooked in a CrazyEgg tracking script, which will help tell me where visitors are clicking and more importantly where they're not, as well as a Google Website Optimiser experiment to see whether a green or red CTA button gets the most interest.

See the MailChimp-only page here.